POST to create a new Saved Search

Create a new saved search.  POST to

Special notes for parameters

name - Required

search_string - Required

POST to update an existing Saved Search

Update an existing saved search.  POST to where 12345 is the search_id for the search to update.

Special notes for parameters

delete  - Can be used to delete the saved search




Name to describe the saved search.



The search string that defines the saved search.  For example if you want to find all the Traditional Caches that are in a certain bounding box you can use "bbox=37.2814,-96.3997,40.879,-92.5161&type=Traditional Cache"  for the search string.  See the GET Geocache API for a full list of the parameters that can be used.



Set to true if the user wants to get an email notification when a new cache is published that matches the saved search.


true - Only available when updating a saved search

This can be set when updating a saved search to delete the search.  Be careful as this can not be reversed.