Legend of Sioux Lookoutby Ezekiel

  • Created on 5 Jul 2011
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The cache is located near the highest point of Sioux Mountain. Legend of
Sioux Lookout

The container is a Star Frit Lock and Lock 2.6 litre, air and water tight container. It has an official looking sticker on the outside. The cache contains a Buzz Lightyear figurine with a travel bug attached. He hopes to travel to outerspace one day! I hope he will have lots of great adventures! Other items are a waterproof logbook, 2 pens, 2 pencils with a sharpener, compass keychain, hat/lapel pin, lucky fishing lure, small screwdriver, and a laminated note explaining what geocaching is all about! Zeke left a toy in case whoever finds the cache has a dog too!

The easiest way to approach the cache is the same way the Sioux Warriors did. You can boat to the base of the mountain, and then climb to the top from there. Another way to get to the cache is an old access road from the vicinity of Pelican Falls School. The road is very rough and steep in spots with at least one deep washout. You can drive as far as you dare and then walk from there. This could be a very long walk. I have seen vehicles drive to the very top though. This would definitely require the use of four wheel drive and a skilled driver.

N 50° 05.333’  W091° 57.017’

Sioux Lookout, ON, Canada


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