Petworth park kiddie cacheby National Trust Petworth Park

  • Created on 20 Dec 2011
  • Last found on 25 Feb 2012



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This gecocache trail takes you through the beauty of Petworth park as landscaped by 'Capability Brown' in the 18th century. The park is open 8am till dusk 365 days each year. Petworth House with it's luxurious interiors and amazing art collection, looks over the Upper pond in the park. The house and pleasure grounds are open to visitors, along with the gift shop, Audit Room restaurant and Servants' Hall cafe, please check website for details of opening times:

This trail is aimed at families and is approximately 3 miles.

Hazards: This trail will take you to areas with water in them and there are hillocks that make the ground uneven – please keep an eye on children. Your GPS may suggest you take a direct route that is not suitable (eg. through a pond), just head in the rough direction but stay safe, you can home in as you get closer.

This Geocaching trail starts in the North car park for Petworth park. Go to the following co-ordinates:

1) N51 00.367 W000 37.459

What time do charges apply from? = A
How much is it to park? = B

Substitute A and B into the co-ordinates below to get your next point:

2) N50 59.A65 W000 37.B16

When you get to these co-ordinates you should be on a hill and can see a wooden box around a tree with green mesh at it’s base. Now look at the wooden box and count how many upright posts there are that are actually still in the ground. Take this number and divide it in two = C
Look North East to see a house.
How many chimneys does the house have? = D

3) N50 59.C33 W000 37.D73

Be careful when you get here as there is lots of water about. You should be standing near an old low wall which makes a shape on the ground.
How many sides does this shape have? = E
Now divide your answer in two = F

4) N50 59.50F W000 37.2E1

Now you should be standing by a gate.
Count the number of bobbles you can see on the crown = G
Count the number of points you see on the star = H

5) N50 59.50G W000 37.12H

Now you should be standing by another gate.
Look at the middle circle and count the number of times you see a “p” = J. Count the number of times a pole touches the circle = K.

6) N50 59.34J W000 36.99K

Look at the stone animal you are standing close to, what is it?
If you have guessed correctly then it should have 3 letters in it’s name.
Now write down the first letter and the last letter of your animal.
Take the first letter and using the following code, work out the number it is equal to:

A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7

The number you get = L
Then do the same for the last letter of your animal, using the same code and the number you get this time = M

7) N50 59.L20 W000 36.M84

Root around to find the cache.

N 51° 00.367’  W000° 37.459’

Petworth, England, United Kingdom

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  • magicdoesmons


    25 Feb 2012

    The first point is a little misleading as either the opening time or the cost of car parking has changed.
    Apart from that, all good and we picked a great day for a walk in the lovely Petworth Park.

    Ellis-Cope Family

    We would also like to log this geocache on so does anyone know the GC code???