Geocaching guide

One-click downloads

Browse geocaches on the map
Search. Sync. Start caching.

Downloading caching data to your GPS device is now easier than ever before.

We offer true “plug and play” capabilities for a wide range of GPS-enabled devices. Simply search for a cache that interests you, plug in your GPS and select “download.” Downloading multiple caches is as easy as setting up a few filters and positioning the map around where you’d like to go. For devices that support paperless geocaching, the extra data (descriptions, clues, recent attempts, etc.) will show up on your device automatically – no membership dues or fees required.

When you return from your trip, plug your compatible device in and visit the Log page to upload and store records of your attempts. And if that’s not simple enough, we’re constantly adding new functions and features to make the experience even easier and more fun.

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