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Verified finds

Get your find digitally signed!

Prove you found a cache like never before with our new Verified Finds digital signature technology. Caches can be set up for verification by code phrase, QR code, or chirp. Your GPS will digitally sign your log when you are in the cache’s proximity. On, your log will receive a “Verified Found” stamp.

There are four possible ways to verify that you’ve actually found a geocache: chirp, Scan QR Code, Manual Entry or Code Phrase. Which of these are available depends on how the geocache owner wants you to verify the find, and what your device is capable of. To verify a geocache, you will only need to select one method and successfully complete that method.

Verifying with chirp

If your handheld is ANT+ “Share Wireless” compatible, you will be able to verify supported geocaches using chirp. This method of verification requires only that you be connected to the chirp associated to the geocache. If you are currently not connected, selecting the chirp verification method will begin searching for any nearby chirp devices.

Verifying by QR code

If your handheld has a camera, you will be able to verify supported geocaches by scanning a QR (Quick Reference) code that is hidden with the geocache. When this method is selected, your camera will launch in a special mode that requires you only place the QR Code clearly in your viewfinder. Your handheld will alert you when it has automatically decoded and stored the verification information.

Verifying manually

Selecting manual entry of a verification code will present you with a 6-digit keyboard entry. Enter the code hidden with the geocache to store the verification information.

Verifying by code phrase (virtuals only)

If the particular geocache you are finding is a virtual cache, a Code Phrase will be required to verify your find. The cache description will explain how to determin the code phrase from the cache site. Enter the Code Phrase using the keyboard provided to store the verification information. It will probably be one to three words. Capitilization doesn’t matter.

Setting up your geocache for verification

While not required to list a geocache on, Verification is a fun way for you, to give your geocache a little flair and reward finders for their efforts in seeking out your geocache.

You can choose to implement one or more verification methods. Adding verification can be done in a single click from the listing page for any geocache you own. Simply look for “Verification Code” below the map & tags section on the listing page. Clicking “Add” will generate a 6-digit code that users enter manually when they get to your geocache. You can also print the QR code and include this in your geocache or enter the serial number of a chirp device that is available at your geocache. If your cache is a virtual, you can add a code phrase. Once you’ve setup your listing for verification on the website, be sure to place the 6-digit number, QR code, and/or chirp device at your geocache so others can begin verifying their finds.

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