Geocaching guide

What is geocaching?

Welcome to the world of geocaching! Not sure what geocaching is or need some help getting started? No problem. We’ve assembled this handy guide to help teach you the basics. To get started, simply select a topic to the left.

Geocaching (pronounced: geo • cashing) is a game invented by pirates. Well, not exactly. But they were definitely on to something. As legend goes, swashbucklers hid their treasure and marked the spot so that they could find it again. Geocaching works the same way – only advances in technology have taken things to a whole new level.

Grab your GPS. It’s time to geocache.

Hidden treasure troves – known as caches – have been hidden around the world. Their coordinates have been uploaded to our website along with details and clues. All you have to do is load this information into a compatible GPS device and set out on an adventure to find them. If you want to take something from the cache, be sure to have something to leave behind for the next person to find.

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